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John S.  Fletcher

John S. Fletcher

Managing Director, Wealth Advisor

John Fletcher is a managing partner and lead advisor at Good Life Financial Advisors of Tampa Bay. John believes that clients are best served by an independent financial advisor. Using a comprehensive financial planning approach, he has helped people make better sense of their finances and put in place a plan to help them feel more confident about retirement. Many of the principles John utilizes while working with clients were learned during his time serving in the United States Navy. Discipline, Service, Unity, Integrity. These are the core values that guide his top priority of providing professional and independent advice.

John graduated from the University of South Florida in 2000 and prior to starting Good Life Financial Advisors of Tampa Bay, worked in large Wall Street firms. This unique experience led John to explore opportunities outside of corporate brokerage world, and eventually led him to the independent channel, partnering with LPL Financial. John firmly believes that independence offers clients the best platform from which to choose investments and puts control back where it belongs, in the hands of the advisor and client. John lives in New Tampa, FL where he resides with his wife Suzanne.

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