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Time & Money

Time & Money

| April 26, 2021

Time, money, and 6 tips for building a solid financial foundation:

  1. Do not be so conservative that your purchasing power fails to keep up with inflation.
  2. Do not be so aggressive that your portfolio - or a large chunk of it - goes up in flames.
  3. Pay attention to individual security risk.
  4. Always manage risk. 
  5. Avoid economic forecasting and market timing. These can't be done accurately and consistently.
  6. Eliminate wasted time and effort spending countless hours evaluating market trends or competing theories about the future.

Your most valuable asset is not your home, your bank account or your investment portfolio.

It's the TIME you have left! So live the Good Life!

Health is wealth.

The opinions voiced are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.