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Thrive and Finish the Year Strong!

Thrive and Finish the Year Strong!

| October 23, 2020

  1. BUILD A ROUTINE. Most of us don’t like uncertainty. When our normal routine is altered, we do best when we develop a new schedule. Plan your activities each day, so you can know what to expect. 


  1. LIMIT EXPOSURE TO STRESSFUL INFORMATION. Early in a crisis, we understandably may be glued to the news or social media. We want to know the latest information. But this is stressful; the news is often sensationalized, and social media is often polarizing.  Over time, exposure to stressful information is compounded. Diverse ideas are important, but consider blocking, for a time, sources that get you upset, or limiting your consumption of news and social media.


  1. KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Negative thinking leads to negative emotions, and often negative behaviors. Break the cycle by focusing on the positive. Think of what you can do now, or things that make you thankful.


  1. FIND THE OPPORTUNITY. Use the change in your routine to exercise more, take a free class, start a hobby, learn to cook, etc. Whether you start something and stick with it, or try lots of new things, use the opportunity to improve yourself. How can you get 1% better everyday?


  1. HELP OTHERS. Nothing makes us feel better than helping others. It’s pretty hard to focus on the negative in your life when you’re focused on finding ways to help others who are less fortunate or facing more challenging obstacles.


  1. EXERCISE. Routine exercise is one of the best stress management tools. Exercise dissipates the hormones, which build up under stress. It also makes us more physically and mentally ready for challenges.


  1. BUILD GOOD SLEEP PATTERNS. It’s easy to get in the habit of sleeping more or at odd hours when your routine is altered. Set regular sleep and wake times for yourself as best you can. Prioritize sleep and exercise.


  1. EAT WELL. Nutrition is literally the fuel for everything else. Make sure you are eating regular healthy meals. There are plenty of plans to choose from. Do some research and find one that is balanced and sustainable for you.