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Joint Friendly Exercise

Joint Friendly Exercise

| August 20, 2021

If you’re just beginning to exercise, start off slow with joint-friendly activities such as cycling or pool-based workouts. Moving your body around in water strengthens and supports your joints and provides a good amount of resistance to your muscles. Try joining a water aerobics class or simply swim some laps. You’ll get a great cardio workout and strengthen your joints and muscles.

If you’re more of the landlubber type, you can always get on a stationary bike, rowing machine, or elliptical machine, which make for low-impact exercise because your feet are always connected to a surface.

If you don’t want to travel to a fitness center, you can find a set of stairs to climb. Climbing stairs is joint-friendly because each foot stride up to the next stair is shorter in length and far less impactful when it lands. You can even walk or jog up steep inclines (such as a local hill) and enjoy the same health benefits.

Keep Moving!