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3 Ways Yoga Makes You Tougher

3 Ways Yoga Makes You Tougher

| May 19, 2021

Here are 3 ways doing yoga makes you tougher, and why you should incorporate yoga into your training routine right away:

  1. A yoga practice will help you feel good in your body and mind. The physical postures support you by lengthening the muscles, making space in the body, which is comfort. This gives you the opportunity to relieve tensions held in the muscles and joints. It also re-trains positive movement patterns after strain or injury. 
  1. It helps you harness your breathing to regulate your nervous system. You already regulate and focus your breath when you workout, especially when you lift. And you have felt how powerful the exhale is to complete a lift. In yoga, we harness the breath in a similar way, but for longer periods of time. We can focus the exhale to down regulate our nervous system after a shift, a particularly stressful day or best yet as a daily practice to stay balanced.
  2. It helps with flexibility. The flexibility in the mind that yoga will help you achieve will give you a more focused and concentrated ability to stay with the task at hand, both at work and home.  
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